About Allison

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Allison "Al" Wright is a Black Belt Nia Teacher, MELT Method Instructor, and choreographer. Like a true Leo, she brings a sense of deep heart and fiery spirit to every movement experience she facilitates.

She leads weekly classes, workshops for students and teachers, and retreats designed to unite body, mind, emotions, and spirit through mindful movement.

Al holds a degree in Holistic Psychology from Lesley University and also studied jazz piano at Berklee College of Music. 

Known for her passion for music, Al loves to teach people how to hear music with their whole body. Her classes blend conscious movement with athleticism, personalization, sound healing, self-expression, and playful creativity that will leave you sweaty and inspired–all the while inviting you to fall in love with sensation. 

Al is the co-creator of the 2012 Nia Routine, Touch, which she choreographed and filmed with Vickie Saito for the Nia Technique. She’s also the Director of MELT University Online and MELT On Demand, which provide thousands of people with instant access to self-care, anywhere.

When she's not teaching classes and workshops, you'll find Allison trekking through the Columbia River Gorge, traveling to lush tropical places, walking her tri-pack of golden retrievers, or jamming at home on the piano or cajon.