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Sensory Awakening Series

Sensory Awakening: 21 Days of Mindfulness 

Being in a human body is a remarkable experience.

Our bodies are filled with sensation, and these sensations relay vital information about our internal and external environments.

Muscles, bones, connective tissue, smell, taste, touch, sight, sound - all of these have the potential to act as anchors for our attention if we choose to be mindful of them. Body awareness is a choice and skill we can cultivate like any other.

However, we can easily miss out on sensation if we're distracted by mental activity, emotional distress, or work-family-relationship stress.

These are the moments when we eat without savoring the food we're consuming, walk without noticing our steps, hear without really listening, or shower without truly sensing the water on our skin. These are also the moments when we use technology without being aware of our body alignment, or that we even have a body!

About the Series

My Sensory Awakening Series is designed to condition your Body Awareness like a muscle so that you are more attuned to what you’re sensing, when you’re sensing it.

Each day of this 21-day series you'll practice getting into your body using what I call Daily Anchors: mindfulness practices designed to help you connect to body sensation. 

You'll receive a daily email that explains the anchor, includes tips and suggestions for how to work with the anchor, as well as personal stories about how I'm integrating these mindfulness practices into my own life. And of course, I'll also share a movement practice for helping you embody each anchor in a more active way!

And the best part is, the entire series is facilitated online, so you can do it at home!

You'll also get instant access to my Sensory Awakening Facebook group, where you can share about your experience, post questions, and connect with other people who are participating in the series – because nothing is better than communal learning.

If you’re already very attuned to sensation and your body awareness is strong, you’ll find these practices only elevate the high awareness you’ve developed. For those of you who feel like you're often "in your head", these practices will help focus your attention and give you practical tools to return to body awareness faster.

When does the series begin?

My first Sensory Awakening Series kicks off Monday, October 1st. It's 21 days long, but you can do the daily anchors at your own pace. Once I've added you to the Facebook Group, you've got access for as long as you like.

How much does it cost?

It's FREE! Just click the sign-up link below to get added to my unique mailing list for this series.

Will there be a live workshop?

Yes! You'll see this appear on the Events page of my site soon.


Are you ready to awaken to more sensation?


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