Prince Tribute Playlist

Here is my working Prince Tribute playlist with all of the katas (movement sequences) laid out. To see videos of me teaching specific songs, check out my personal facebook page.

1: On the Couch

2: Let It Go (choreography from old Carlos Routine called Agolo)

  • Kata 1: Verses/Other – 12/6 Fast Clock and hands dive forward, leg extensions
  • Kata 2: Bridge – "A" stance pelvic and arm circles
  • Kata 3: Chorus – Figure 8, CCC with hands pressing down
  • Kata 4: Verses/Other – Funkify the 12/6 Fast Clock with toes in/out

3: Musicology

  • Kata 1: Verses – Fast Clock Taps Dbl time (Cross Front, Side, Cross Behind), then Cross Kick x2, switch sides
  • Kata 2: Chorus – Turn (4 steps) pause in Bow Stance and syncopated clap, return
  • Kata 3: Verses – Reverse Fast Clock Taps Dbl time (Cross Behind, Side, Cross Front), then Cross Kick BEHIND x2 with Upward Punch

4: 1999

  • Kata 1: Verses: – Slow Clock angled to corners, CCC. Arms Open circle flow forward, fire ball backward (a motion like pulling a bow)
  • Kata 2: Chorus – Cross Behind, CCC x2 then Sumo Stance Upward Block/Upward Punch syncopated 1-2-3, 1-2-3.
  • Kata 3: Verses –Slow Clock angled with arms reversed, then add Elbow Strikes later
  • Kata 4: Other/Instrumental – Cross Front CCC with Claps high low, low high
  • Kata 5: Guitar Instrumental – Spin then Sumo!

5: When Doves Cry (choreography adapted from "Sweeter Love" off the Sexi Routine)

  • Kata 1: Chorus' and Intro – Open Stance, Double Squish Walk, Lateral Wiggle (all at once)
  • Kata 2: Verses – a 4-part Kata comprised of 1. Fast Clock (2/10 o'clock) w/ CCC, Hip Bump to 3/9, Bow Stance shimmy with claps, Cross Front w/ CCC
  • Kata 3: Verses – Cross Front CCC with toe taps, alternate with core pulsing
  • Kata 4: Closed Stance, spiral earth to sky to finish song

6. Raspberry Beret

  • Kata 1: Intro – Jazz Square x3, turn, CCC
  • Kata 2: Verses – Jazz Square x4, Jazz Cross Kick (arms open line), Bow stance shimmy earth
  • Kata 3: Chorus: Cha Cha Cha Duncan Dance forward, Jazz square, CCC drumming earth, Jazz square CCC

7: Let's Go Crazy

8: Kiss – use as a Freedance song and SING!

9: Purple Rain

10. Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead O'Connor version)

11. Bassic (Flow Mix) by Deep Dive Corp