52 Moves Specialty Class

Date: Sunday, December 12th 12-1pm

Location: Northwest Women's Fitness

Cost: Free to members

Join me for an hour of fun and fine-tuning as we hone our 52 Moves! Nia novices will learn the basics of how to perform all base, core, and upper extremeties moves. Seasoned students will learn how to energize their moves with greater power and expression. An hour-long class emphasizing personalization and ease as we condition ourselves to remain relaxed duing the learning process.

Experience the Earthsong Nia routine adapted to the music of Aerosmith! The playlist takes you through an Aerosmith anthology across the decades. The focus of this class is the core of the body, and the intent is to sense our center as we rock out. No previous Nia experience necessary.

All levels are welcome.

Attend the upcoming Nia White Belt Training!

Join Debbie Rosas, Allison Wright, and Vickie Saito as they co-deliver the Nia White Belt. The focus of the White Belt is physcical sensation and the intent is to embody the foundation of Nia. This week-long somatic training is designed for Nia students, aspiring Nia teachers, and for anyone interested in seeking personal growth or proffesional development. E-mail me with your questions and inquiries.

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Ride a tidal wave of sound and dance your heart out in this two-hour World Fusion Dance Party, DJ'd by Al Wright. Entrancing world rhythms and luminous melodies provide a soundscape on which you can immerse yourself in free-form movement. No verbal guidance is offered. Come and free dance the playground of all playgrounds: the unexplored moment!

Date: Coming soon!

Location: StudioNia, 918 SW Yamhill Street, Portland, OR

Cost: $5-$15.00 suggested. Cash or credit card


World Fusion Dance Party! | StudioNia, PDX

Stay tuned for new Art of Teaching Workshops, Nia FUNdamentals Playshops, Music Bartending Workshops, and Routine Immersions for EveryBody in 2013!